“Will The Real Heroes Please Stand Up?”

Will our real heroes please stand up?

To date, I have been very neutral in my postings. However, today’s posting may not be in agreement with everyone’s belief system. This post is not meant to throw punches, but to soften the blow.

I’ll begin. This week, school started for many. As I dropped my son off for his first day of school, I could not imagine the excitement and equal amounts of fear he was experiencing on his first day. 

For me, a person is not a “hero” because he can pass, run, or throw a football. A “hero” is not a person who can throw a no-hitter or hit home runs.

In my mind, the real heroes are our military, who have served and given me my freedom. The real heroes are the firemen and women, who humbly serve as a guardian to our community, and the policemen and women who “Protect and Serve.” That goes for every first responder in our communities who does not advertise the nature of their work or seek recognition for their actions. Heroes are our teachers who transform the lives of students through education and discipline, but then get reprimanded by the same parents who do not discipline their kids at home. 

I’ll finish with this. Last week I was enjoying dinner with my family at a local restaurant. A local sports figure was eating there too. I noticed numerous adults and kids asking for selfies and autographs. At the end of the meal, I saw the meal had been comped and the owner personally thanked the athlete for coming in. And it made me think.  The person who needs the praise and the rewards the least receives praise and handouts the most. That seems backward to me. 

Will our real heroes please stand up?

So the suggestion I’d like to make is that the next time when you see an everyday hero – a teacher at school – please give them the eye contact that they deserve, a simple smile and a nod of thank you. When you see a policeman, go so far as to walk up and introduce yourself. Tell them, shake their hand, and say ” Thank you for protecting me and my family. When you see an old timer wearing a USS Independence cover, shake his hand, and give him the respect he deserves. You do not know what he lost for you to gain so much.

Let’s give recognition to the daily efforts of our local heroes, the real heroes, with a simple kind word of “Thank You”.