Learn The 4 Vital Elements

This is a System I call the FIT40+Formula for men and women 40 and over to strengthen muscles, tone our bodies, lose weight, look and feel great, decrease pains, enjoy our hobbies and really have great health to live our best life doing the things we like.

The FIT40+Formula is the System I’ve used to help hundreds of local North Dallas men and women like you, to regain their best fitness levels.
Inside you will discover the 4 vital elements needed to be Fit at 40 and over.
FIT40+ Fitness Program
• Vital Element #1: This is what I call the Less is More Principle
• Vital Element #2: is what I call Resistance Movements
• Vital Element #3: This is what I call the 4-Pillar Building Blocks
• Vital Element #4: Uses the concept I coined called “Muscle Adaptation


Turn Back Time

As muscle loss occurs with age, weakness and loss of stamina also become a problem. This in turn interferes with physical activity, which further shrinks muscle mass. It’s a vicious cycle.

Now for the good news – Specialized, guided, resistance, and strength training can slow down the ageing process by as much as 15 to 20 years.
· Improve the bone-mineral density
· Reverse osteoporosis
· And lose weight
· Have more energy
· Increase mental acuity
If you’re experiencing a decrease in energy, gained a little around the middle and seem to need more rest than usual, this E-book has everything you need inside to Turn Back Time.