Personal Training For Couples In Dallas Tx—The New Way to Reach Your Fitness Goals


What's so great about couples that exercise together anyway?

Well, let's see..

Are there any other possible benefits of workout programs for couples vs. working out alone?​

Several! A recent study conducted by Sackett-Fox and colleagues proved just that. Published in the November 2021 issue of Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, it found that individuals who work out with their partner experience d better mood while exercising, more energy throughout the day, and have higher levels of relationship satisfaction.

“Couples who engaged in working out together are more likely to make a positive health behavior change if their partner does too. Involving partners in their fitness goals helps improve outcomes.”
– Dr. Sarah E. Jackson from the University College London in a study published in JAMA Internal Medicine.

Statistics show that couples who work out with their partner doubles their performance, doubles an increase in weight-loss, and almost triples the likelihood of them staying on track long-term.

The internet is a great resource and can help with couple’s workout ideas. Or you can search “couple’s personal trainer near me”. However, my clients have found that a trainer who specializes in couples training will help you reach your fitness goals faster.

If you are interested in how a couples personal training program can help you and your spouse. Click on the link below, let’s set up a 10-minute phone call.

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