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Welcome to Fit Over 40 Best Personal Trainer in Carrollton and Dallas Tx.
My name is Chris Ownbey.
I’m a husband, father, grandfather, and personal trainer for over 30 years.

Let’s face it – Between work, school, home, social, recreational, and other activities you might have going on, it’s tough to find a few free minutes sometimes! With all of these expectations and requirements, sometimes it’s easy to let our fitness and goals slip between the cracks. I developed a system that is easy to use, simple to follow, and very effective.
And not only does it take half as long as a “normal” workout, it safe on the body, efficient, effective and it WORKS. It is great for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels. The best part is your IN and OUT in 30 minutes. Don’t use “I do not have time” as an excuse for your health this week! I know you can find 2% of your day for you. I just provided you with the means; now all you’ve got to do is do is click on the link and make it happen!

About me Best Personal Trainer in Carrollton and Dallas TX


• Husband over 20 years
• Father of two boys who are 24 years apart in age
• I have a granddaughter


• Graduated Plano Senior High School
• Served in the United States Marine Corp
• Attended the University of North Texas
• Personal trainer for over 30 years 

Personal Accomplishments include:

• Ranked in the top trainers in Dallas by City Voter
• State Powerlifting Champion
• Competed in 4 Bodybuilding Competitions
• Competed in Mixed Martial Arts tournaments with a 17-0 record

Certifications include

• National Academy of Sports Medicine
• American Council on Exercise
• National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association
• Titleist Performance Institute, Levels 1&2. Certified golf fitness Instructor

E-Books written

• How to peak for your club championship
• Increase your flexibility at 50
• L.I.F.E- Live, Inspire, full fill, Evolve
• Golf Fitness Caddie
• Turn Back the Clock

Radio and Television

• Good Morning Texas
• ESPN Radio
• Numerous Podcasts

Have a question about training?

Ranked in the top 5 Trainers in Dallas by City Voter 2018

Certified Personal Trainer with over 30 years of experience

Leading ambassador for the “Get Fit America Foundation”

Special fitness guest on Good Morning Texas

Appeared on ESPN

“How to peak for your club championship”

“Turn back the clock” - author

“Golf fitness caddie” - author

"Life" - author


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