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Chris Ownbey - Personal Trainer In Carrollton Tx


Personal Trainer in Carrollton and North Dallas


My name is Chris Ownbey. I’ve been in the health and fitness industry for over 30 years. 

Now, in my 50’s. I have one mission

To help men and women 40 and over get back into shape safely and effectively. Unfortunately, most of the information out there is written by the younger generation for the younger generation. Following this advice can lead to frustration, confusion, and possible injury. 

Looking for a fitness program for people 40 and over or looking to try something new?

Let’s schedule a 30-minute meet and greet to learn more with the personal trainer in Carrollton and North Dallas.

Talk soon.



• Husband over 20 years
• Father of two boys who are 24 years apart in age
• I have a granddaughter


• Graduated Plano Senior High School
• Served in the United States Marine Corp
• Attended the University of North Texas
• Personal trainer for over 30 years 

Personal Accomplishments include:

• Ranked in the top trainers in Dallas by City Voter
• State Powerlifting Champion
• Competed in 4 Bodybuilding Competitions
• Competed in Mixed Martial Arts tournaments with a 17-0 record

Certifications include

• National Academy of Sports Medicine
• American Council on Exercise
• National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association
• Titleist Performance Institute, Levels 1&2. Certified golf fitness Instructor

E-Books written

• How to peak for your club championship
• Increase your flexibility at 50
• L.I.F.E- Live, Inspire, full fill, Evolve
• Golf Fitness Caddie
• Turn Back the Clock

Radio and Television

• Good Morning Texas
• ESPN Radio
• Numerous Podcasts

Ranked in the top 5 Trainers in Dallas by City Voter 2018

Certified Personal Trainer with over 30 years of experience

Leading ambassador for the “Get Fit America Foundation”

Special fitness guest on Good Morning Texas

Appeared on ESPN

“How to peak for your club championship”

“Turn back the clock” - author

“Golf fitness caddie” - author

"Life" - author


Google Review

David O
David O
Great service
Stefan Sandmann
Stefan Sandmann
Great services
Gregory McLane
Gregory McLane
I have been working with Chris for about 3 months. I am down 19 lbs, and my resting heart rate is 53, down from 68 a year ago with a BP of 114 over 70. He has been getting me ready for a week-long hike in the Sierras with college buddies from the class of '72. And his help with my strength and endurance. I feel like I’m in the best shape since my 20’s. Gregory McLane Dallas Tx
Jim Foster
Jim Foster
After two neck surgeries, I had not played golf in ten years. My goal was to get back on the golf course and play at Pebble Beach again. Chris improved my flexibility and core strength along with fixing my ugly swing and within a year I played five rounds in six days at Pebble! I could not have done it without Chris Ownbey." Jim Foster Frisco, Tx
Stacy Standridge
Stacy Standridge
Everything is rolled into one Highly Effective workout. The private instruction makes me accountable to show up for the workouts." Stacy Standridge Plano Tx
Ron Blair M.D
Ron Blair M.D
I'm fit, I'm fifty". Excellent program Ron Blair, M.D. Highland Park, Tx
Tony & Susan W
Tony & Susan W
Chris has been my Personal Trainer for over 3 years. My wife started working out with him also. We each do two separate 30 minute workouts with him every week. Our workouts have included strength, flexibility, and cardio training. He keeps us motivated with ever changing routines. He is ego free and always happy. It is good to have a trainer that specializes in people my age.
Olga Ownbey
Olga Ownbey
I've never workout out before. I looked for group classes at my local gym. But they did not fit my schedule. A friend told me about Fit Over 40. Chris is helping me improve my strength. He is also helping me with my overall fitness and posture. I have more energy throughout the day. I recommend the Chris Ownbey fit Over 40 Fitness program. Lidia, Plano, TX
Chris is a fantastic personal trainer! So glad I found him. Training with him twice a week has definitely increased my level of fitness, made me stronger and helped me address my recurring lower back pain successfully. Each training session is different and tailored to my needs, which keeps them fun and challenging. Best personal trainer ever!
Yessie Flores
Yessie Flores
I have nothing but good experiences working with Chris.