FIT40+ Fitness Program


LEARN THE SECRET FORMULA to being fit at 40 for men and women 40 and over to strengthen muscles, tone our bodies, lose weight, look and feel great, decrease pains, enjoy our hobbies and have great health to live our best life doing the things we like.

The FIT40+Formula is the System I’ve used to help hundreds of local N Dallas people regain their best fitness levels.

But the bigger problem is that the average fitness trainer or program doesn’t work directly with men and women age 40+. They are written by the millennials for the millennials and they’re giving out cookie-cutter programs that aren’t working to help these 2 factors or worse, causing us damage. Honestly, they get their routine from a pre-written program.

We are told as we get older, we need to do more walking and light lifting. HOWEVER: That can be further from the truth.

The truth may surprise you…it’s even more important to add resistance training in our 40’s,50’s, and 60’s than in our 20’s. And you can get into great shape with short 30-minute workout routines if done properly. So, the question is, how do you do it correctly or properly?

Now I'll be sharing the 4 VITAL Elements that make up the FIT40+Formula when it comes to getting in the best shape after age 40.

You may want to write these 4 essential elements down. Just be WARNED: Without applying ALL 4 of these Vital Elements, you can virtually forget about succeeding…

that is THE most important tip of all…so here we go…


Vital Element #1: This is what I call the Less is More Principle.

When it comes to how to LEARN THE SECRET FORMULA fitness over 40… less is more. Research shows that doing short bursts of exercise boosts fat burning, muscle building and anti-aging hormones without any negative side effects like inflammation and production of stress hormones.  Low grade chronic inflammation, which can cause you to gain fat… can be triggered by doing long and arduous exercises.  Even an hour of constant exercising at moderate to hard intensity can induce inflammation in your body causing damage to your body and accelerate the aging process.

That said, the solution is not to stop exercising. No that would just add to problem.  The solution lies in performing the right exercises in the correct order, the right way.  Studies have shown that doing specific exercises performed a specific way can boost your youth-enhancing hormones by 450%! So, fist-bump, no more spending hours in a gym. Anyone who tells you that, is simply following a pre-written script for younger people, not for those over age 40.

Vital Element #2: is what I call Resistance Movements.

I found out that working muscles slower through the resistance part of the movement, built my muscle strength quickly while saving and protecting my joints. I have bad shoulders from all the heavy lifting I was doing when I was younger, so this helped me tremendously. Helped me increase my muscle size and more importantly it helped protect my joints.

Element #2 is so different than what others are saying about using heavy free weights or box jumping or burpees which is putting far more stress on our joints. Element 2 will build your muscles faster and decrease injuries compared to other types of training. On top of that, research has shown that combining Element 1 and 2 increases strength, builds muscles for more energy, peak power production with less injuries!

Vital Element #3: This is what I call the 4-Pillar Building Blocks.

 I discovered that each workout produced huge results when I combined 4 customized “blocks” into every routine. These 4 blocks are combining a Major muscle group + a Minor muscle Group + a Core Move + a Cardio Move. I created these for me and then my clients. What this means is that you get a full-body workout in 20 minutes every time.

Element #3 is polar opposite those that say to have ‘upper body day’ or ‘lower body day, or a “push pull day’ I call that old school workouts. Our bodies need all muscles working together to function at its best not isolation. The “isolation” programs may be good for youngsters but not us.

Vital Element #4: Uses the concept I coined called "Muscle Adaptation."

Basically, I used a circuit-style layout and varied the movements every single time plus I adjusted them for various fitness levels. This meant that our bodies have no choice but to change or ‘adapt’ to the new moves and that’s where I got such huge gains in fitness levels for me and then all my clients.

Element #4 basically means I can customize the program based on where you are right now and where you want to be. It’s not like these cookie-cutter plans that some pull off the internet. The various moves keep it exciting and my clients couldn’t wait to get back again to see what’s next. The Muscle Adaptation Element is a huge key that really changed the fitness game for me.

Turns out, these 4 Vital Elements are the bedrock foundation of my entire FIT40+Formula and if you are missing any 1, 2, 3 or all 4, you might not be getting the results you desire. Imagine what you can achieve knowing these 4 elements and putting them to work for you?


Okay, that was a TON of valuable information on how to LEARN THE SECRET FORMULA   and you may be feeling a bit unsure of where and how to get started and that’s fine: All this really means is that you have 2 simple choices to make, right now:

Choice 1: You can take all the 4 essential, vital workout elements and info I just gave you and try to put the puzzle pieces together on your own, without assistance…You never know, you may put the puzzle pieces together eventually on your own sure, it will take a lot longer, and there’s no guarantee you’ll make it…

Or, you can take Choice #2, the savvy choice most everyone over 40 takes when they hear this news and who is ready for great fitness success in the shortest time possible. Why go at this alone when I’ve already done ALL the work for you? I proved my system on myself and then successfully tested it for over 10 years by hundreds of fitness enthusiasts and PROVEN to work for all levels of health.

Introducing... FIT40+ Private Fitness Program

If you are 40 or over. Just getting back in the game, or need a jump start or looking for something new. I look forward to here from you. We can meet and go over exactly what you would like to accomplish, go through a quick 20 -minute workout. This will allow you to interview me and see if you like what I have to offer. If it’s not for you, we shake hands and move on, if it is something you see value in, then we move forward.

Get stronger – Live Longer

Chris Ownbey