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How To Get Your Body Swimsuit Ready

How To Get Your Body Swimsuit Ready

Everyone is wondering, “How can I get ready for pool season ASAP?!”

There is no such thing as a quick fix, but if you would like to lose weight fast. Get on point with your nutrition.

Remember, you do NOT lose weight in the gym, you lose weight in the kitchen. Nutrition is THE most important.

Next, try adding more muscle. More muscle increases your metabolism and improves other fat loss hormones.

Next, Interval training. Interval Training workouts are short bursts of activity followed by rest, even though you only burn on average 100 calories for the 30-minute session. You get a bigger “afterburn” – meaning your metabolism stays elevated for up to 2 days after the exercise stops. Plus, research shows you get a more powerful hormonal response helping with fat burning and other health markers.

So, here is my recommendation based on that.

Each week:

Eat Clean
Do 2 HIIT sessions, 2 weight lifting sessions, and 2 BURST cardio sessions.

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