Personal Trainer In Carrollton Tx For Men and Women 40 and Over

Personal Fitness Trainer For people Over 40+ in North Dallas

Personal Trainer In Carrollton Tx For Men and Women 40 and Over

The millennials are leaving us behind.

For example. We started this fitness revolution and now the millennials are leaving us behind with their online programs, bodyweight exercises, and cross fit.

Did you know, as we get older, we physically are not able to work out as we did in our 20s? 

First, it’s not all about vanity. Do we still like to look good in our jeans? Sure. But our priority is we want to be healthy, have the energy to work and keep up with the kids or grandkids.

Next, we want to know that we are staying in shape to stay away from the doctor’s medications they like to prescribe.

Lastly, we want to keep our independence down the road.

Finally, where is the program for me, a man or woman in my 40s, 50s,60s, or older? 
Besides, “I know it’s confusing. The question is, how do you get started again?

Personal trainer in Carrollton Tx for men and women 40 and over. 

Hello, My name is  Chris Ownbey is a NASM certified 50-year-old personal trainer with 30 years in the fitness industry.

 I have one mission. To help men and women 40 and over get back into shape safely and effectively.

Do you agree, “we do not work out at 40,50, or 60 as we did in our 20’s?” Unfortunately, most of the information out there is written by the younger generation for the younger generation. Following this advice can lead to frustration, confusion, and possible injury. We focus on health maintenance in our 5-20-5 30-minute program.

You should know. We do not leave the ground doing burpees or box jumps or anything that can be harmful to our joints.

Our program is developed for each client’s physical limitations, needs, wants, and goals. 

I would like to know. What do you find to be the toughest part about getting back to working out consistently each day?

Feel free to text or call.

Talk soon,