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Personal Trainer in North Dallas Announces New Fit 40+Program

Fit 40+ Semi Private Program

Chris Ownbey, owner of Fit over 40 Dallas, has done it again!  After training dozens of 40+ adults in his private studio in N Dallas, he decided to expand training options for his clients.  With his schedule filling up, he decided to offer ultra-small, semi-private group sessions to be able to help more local people get into great shape again. As a matter of fact, the Personal Trainer in North Dallas Announces New Fit 40+Program called Fit 40+ Semi-Private Fitness Program.

Personal Trainer in Dallas Announces New Fit 40+Program. Most people are told they need to do hours of cardio training to be in good health after age 40…although this couldn’t be further from the truth. Chris spent years perfecting shorter 30-minute specialized routines and discovered there are “4 Vital Elements” needed to maintain fitness after 40 and additionally his current clients are reaping the rewards.

As a matter of fact, Chris has been incorporating these “4 Vital Elements” over the past 12 years and his private clients have been enjoying the benefits of losing weight, gaining strength, toning & tightening their mid-sections, attaining greater balance, lowering heart rates, and literally slowing the aging process, which is known as sarcopenia.

Yes, these routines are quite literally turning back the clock for his clients and due to the client’s success and increased demand, he is opening a few select time slots for the fall session in his private studio in N Dallas. He is helping those in the fall session look and feel their best for the end-of-year holidays and offering a special promotion while spots are available.

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The workouts can be summed up with what one of his clients S.S. said, “Everything is rolled into one Highly Effective workout. The private instruction makes me accountable to show up for the workouts and the best part is, I’m in and out in 30 minutes.”

NASM certified trainer Chris trains folks over 40 at the Golf Academy at 2538 Golden Bear Drive, Carrollton, TX where you might hear him joke…there will be NO millennials in skimpy spandex taking selfies and talking on their phones here or standing around waiting for the equipment. To get more details, go to his webpage here to see the info:

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Personal Trainer in Dallas Announces New Fit 40+Program

Chris Ownbey, 53-year-old Trainer known to his clients as the Fit 40+ Specialist