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How to Start Getting Fit After 40 Female: The 4 Things All Women Should Know

start Getting Fit After 40 Female

So you have passed the age of 40 and you realize that you don’t exactly have the body that you want to have. Maybe you are planning to go to a high school reunion, or you want to get fit to help you play with your grandkids. Don’t worry. Below are some tips on how to start getting fit after 40 for female.

How to Start Getting Fit After 40 Female

Below are some of my favorite tips on getting fit after 40 for women.

Getting Fit After 40 – Find Something that Works for You

do exercise for getting fit after 40

There are a lot of exercise options that you can choose from when it comes to working out. You can choose something that is tried and true or you can try something new. If you want something completely different, 5-20-5 30 Minute fitness is a great option.

This kind of workout help with maximizing the benefits that you’re going to get from your exercise and the time that you’re using.

If you’re not interested in trying something new, there’s nothing wrong with going with the tried and true. Did you love jumping rope when you were a kid? It’s a great type of exercise. Swimming is also a great form of exercise if you love to swim, and you have a pool or YMCA nearby. These are exercises that people have been using for many years and have found they’ve worked.

Getting Fit After 40 – Drink Lots of Water

drink plenty of water to for getting fit after 40

Getting enough water is important no matter what. But when you are exercising and trying to get fit, it’s even more important. Yes, water is boring. But you can always get a water infuser and use fruit or vegetables to add some flavor to your water. But your body needs water to make sure that it stays healthy. As a woman, you should shoot for 8 glasses of 8oz water a day. You should drink more if you are working out. This will replenish the fluids lost during working out.

Getting Fit After 40 – Make Sure Your Diet is Balanced

fruits for getting fit after 40

When you want to stay fit, your diet’s as important to help you be fit as your exercise. You want to make sure that you are eating plenty of healthy fats, healthy proteins, fruits, vegetables, and carbs. This is going to help you with having energy, keeping up with your exercise routine, and fighting off disease.

Getting Fit After 40 – Be Careful of Overloading on Proteins

healthy diet for getting fit after 40

Although a lot of people believe that protein builds muscle and therefore is good, it’s not always true. You build and grow muscle from doing strength training, there is a certain amount of protein that is suggested for people to consume, and a lot of people consume double this amount. When the body doesn’t use this, it will become fat or get used up as energy. So you want to rethink drinking the protein bars and shakes. Chances are they’re not needed, and you could be doing something that impedes your progress.


These are four tips that you want to use when you are looking for tips on how to start getting fit after 40 female. We hope at fit over 40 Dallas that you found this useful and that you will come back to read more blogs.