personal training for men and women 40 and 50 years old.

At 50 I Could Care Less Of Those Workouts

At 50 I Could Care Less Of Those Workouts I do these exercises one after the other in rapid succession.

Vanity Muscles

The thing is — and it surprises me — is you see men in a gym working out for hours. Guys, this type of workout, the BURN WORKOUTS where you are working muscles to tear them down so they build back stronger and bigger is not what we are trying to do. That is working what we call the Vanity Muscles or your Pretty Muscles so you can stand in front of a mirror and pose for everyone else working out to see.

I’m going for flexibility, stamina, being able to move quicker on my feet. Having my upper and lower body move better and have better balance. AND, I\’m doing this all in just 30 minutes a day. I do hit golf balls, go fishing, play with the kiddo\’s and sit in the wet sauna but I\’m not working out but I\’m not actually working out but 30 minutes, along with healthy food choices, that\’s all it will take people to be in the best shape you have been in for 20 years, trust me.

I have much more flexibility, MUCH MORE. I can get up from the floor and out of a lounger and rolling out of bed much easier. I have spring in my legs I have not had in 20 years. I have more energy than I\’ve had in a long time.

This past week I didn\’t work out at all. I went down to the Texas Coast and played golf for 4 straight days for the first time in over 5 years. I did not get tired, my legs stayed fresh. Not to mention how much easier I can get my clubs in and out of the truck without straining my back.

I do hope a few of you will understand we do not work out the same as we did when we were in high school and college. It is a different time in our life, and workouts are much different, My hope is for guys 40 and over with thinking about this and take this type program up. It will really help the overall quality of your daily life.

Stick with it people, it\’s worth it.