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40 And Older People Are Getting Left Behind In The Fitness Industry By The Younger Generation

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Attention men and women 40 and older. We are getting left behind! But best personal trainers for seniors near you won’t let that happen.

Today’s workouts are focused on the younger generation. The millennials have their boutique gyms. Orange Theory, F45, and CrossFit to name a few.

Are they effective?

Yes, Are they for everyone? NO

Then the fitness industry jumps into the Silver Sneakers. The baby boomers are just beginning to exercise, or are very overweight. They do not move well and have a lot of physical limitations. These programs give it light. Lightweights, aqua aerobics, slow movements, and cardio.

Benefits of Eating Healthy and Exercising

Where is the program for me? The guy is in his 50’s. Former high school and college athlete. I understand the benefits of eating healthy and exercising. I have some physical issues from the sports I have played, maybe replacing a hip from running too much, back pain, and shoulder, and knee issues. I\’m the executive, the professional, The alpha.

\”They\” want me to fend for myself. So I go to the gym. I go to the gym and do what I did 40 years ago. Lifts weights. Sit on the bench or go through a circuit or two. To be honest, I do not feel comfortable working out in front of people anymore, maybe I have matured.

Hell, I am an athlete, let\’s go try a cross-fit class. Oops, bad choice, now I have hurt my shoulder and I\’m out of commission for a couple of months which brings on more pounds.

So what do I do? Who can one turn to who understands me? As a person in his 60, I work out for different reasons. It’s not about the big vanity pretty muscles or the ripped abs, but getting my arms firmer and losing a little around the middle would not be so bad. But I work out now for longevity. Decrease my chances of age-related diseases. Keeping up the grandkids. I exercise for better health, to move better, to get the spring back in my step, have the energy to keep up with the grandkids or play more golf.

The solution is Chris Ownbey. A personal trainer in his 50’s. Who specializes in men and women like you. Why do you ask? because I am you.

We use a combination of core exercises, stretches, balance drills, strength training, and cardio set up in a 30-minute circuit-style system. Our program will get you into shape, but we do it in a safe way. We do not leave the ground or do movements that could cause injury to your lower back, shoulder joints, knee, wrist, or ankle joints. It’s efficient, effective, and safe.

If you are like my clients, 40 and older, looking to get back in shape, or just to try something new let’s meet for 30 minutes. Take this time to interview me, ask questions, and see if I am the right person for you. And we’re the best personal trainers for seniors near you. What do you have to lose?