30 Minute Workout Program In North Dallas (Effective)

Personal Training In Dallas For Over 40

I built 30 Minute Fitness Workout Program for myself in North Dallas. I’m a man in my 50s with kids and grandkids. When I was younger, bodybuilding, mixed martial arts, Marines, and just being an athlete, were all things I loved. Today, if I run hills or do box jumps, my back goes out and I’m in pain and out of commission for a week.

30 Minute Fitness Workout Program North Dallas


30-minute workout program have become the buzzword in our industry of late, and orange theory, F45, and trainers are capitalizing on 30-minute workouts. The problem is, that not all 30 -minute programs are created equal and not all are for the same age group.
What most people see is called HIIT. High-intensity interval training.
Bodyweight exercises (burpees, pushups, flipping tires) are cardio-based programs, with some minor weight training. Are they effective? Yes. Are they for every person out there? No.

In our 50s, we are exercising for different reasons. We get it, we are adults. We have to keep moving or we will lose it. We are working out for better health, more energy to keep up with the grandkids, to play more golf; and we need to be smart about it too.

My 30-minute program is designed for people 40 years and older. We use a combination of core exercises, stretches, balance drills, strength training, and cardio set up in a 30-minute circuit-style system. We do not leave the ground or do movements that could cause injury to your lower back, shoulder joints, knees, wrists, or ankle joints. It’s efficient, effective, and safe.
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***When training 1-on-1 with a trainer, however, there is more control over the cleanliness of the environment. Space itself and any equipment you use will be personally sanitized and ready for your safe use. In these days of viral sickness, limited human contact is crucial, and that is exactly what you will get in the environment of a 1-on-1 personal training session in a private studio.

So, if you have been on the fence about which direction to go with your weight loss and fitness program, the info shared here will help you make your decision. 1-on-1 training is a safer, cleaner option over your typical gym and group fitness class. No matter what your decision though, good luck reaching your fitness goals, and stay safe!

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