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Big Box Gyms Are Not For Everyone

Big Box Gyms Are Not For Everyone

Searching for Big Box Gyms near me? But hey, Big Box Gyms Are Not For Everyone. Here are 3 reasons why.

80% of the people who start an exercise program quit within the first 5 months. Why?

Did you know 80% of people aged 40,50,60 who began going to the gym to workout, quit going during the first 5 months? … At first, I was shocked at how high this number was, then I realized, I have done the same thing.

Before I built my private studio in North Dallas for men and women 40 and over to be the go-to personal trainer for men and women 40 and older I was that guy.

A man in my 50’s. The last thing I felt comfortable doing was walking into a gym and working out around a much younger age group. No, I am not vain, it just did not feel right. Even though I lived in the gym for the first 30 years of my life. With physical limitations and the thought of working out around other people discouraged me from going and this was years before covid.

I understand how intimidating it can feel to start an exercise program at one of the big box gyms. And If you have no clue about what to do, it would be even more frustrating.


 My name is Chris Ownbey

 I’m a 50-year-old personal trainer with more than 30 years in the fitness industry. I specialize in training Men and Women 40+ online and in a clean, private one-on-one studio located in North Dallas.

 I understand that as we get older our reasons to exercise have changed. it\’s not about vanity anymore, it\’s about longevity, so our workouts should change as well.

 The big-box gyms are not for everyone. They can be confusing, frustrating, and intimidating.

That is the reason my clients come to work out with me. I own and operate a private studio located in Dallas Tx that specializes in personal training for men and women 40 and older.

We solve the 3 reasons most people do not go or quit going to the gym.

  1. Time: Instead of lengthy 60-minute workouts, we provide efficient 30-minute workout sessions.
  2. Intimidation: We are an exclusive private studio, dedicated solely to one-on-one sessions. Experience personalized training with your own private trainer.
  3. Motivation: Juggling the demands of life can make it challenging to stay motivated. We often prioritize helping others and neglect our own well-being.

But “YOU\”. Your health and well-being should be the most important thing.

  • Start feeling better
  • Have more energy
  • Like how you look again. (Instead of feeling depressed every time you look in a mirror.)

 If this sounds like you, I would like to connect and answer any questions you may have on how I can help.

Click here for a meet and greet. Talk soon,

 Chris Ownbey