Personal Training for Men 40 and Over


Are you waking up every morning feeling sluggish, achy, and just overall not very good?

Have you put on a couple of pounds, lost muscle tone, and strength?

Does it seem like you just don’t have the energy and stamina you had 10 years ago?

Is your doctor telling you to work out to help with high cholesterol or some other health condition?

Ready to lose the weight?

And get back into shape?

Feel stronger?

Improve your flexibility and balance?

Have more energy?

If you are ready to get back into shape in a safe and effective way, you have come to the right place.


My name is Chris Ownbey.
I’ve been a personal trainer for over 30 years, and now in my 50s, I understand that once we hit our 40s and 50s, we don’t exercise like we did in our 20s and 30s.

It’s not about vanity anymore. Sure, we still want to look good in our jeans and not have our bellies hanging over our pants. However, being ripped with six-pack abs and big muscles is not our main priority.
We want to be healthy, have the energy to work, play golf, travel, and keep up with our kids or grandkids. We want to know that we are doing our best to stay in shape to keep the doctors and their medications away.

If you are looking for workouts for men 40 and over or to try a new workout, give me a call!

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Chris Ownbey

It’s Time to Get Back in Shape and Feel Great!

Increase Strength

Improve Flexibility

More Energy

Live As Long As Possible

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Men Over 40 Clients

Dave Scullin President and CEO -Communities Foundation of Texas

“Working with Chris has really helped improve my golf performance! My distance is back. And more accurate off the tee. My core strength, my balance, flexibility and energy have never been better. "Looking for a trainer who understand your body and the your golf game, who cares and gets results, then Chris is your man.”

Pat Williamson Black Rifle Coffee, Purchase Green and Cicis Pizza Franchisee.

"Chris’s program Is not a one for all. After we determined my objectives, Chris was able to develop a program where I come in 2 days a week and I am able to do 2 days a week on my own. I have more muscle tone, energy and I feel great!"

Stacy O Standridge Standridge Companies

"At my age, fitness has a different meaning. It’s not about vanity. My reason is about longevity. Having more energy. Reducing stress. Sleeping better for a longer, being healthy and living a pain free life."

John Binkley - Generational Equity

Chris Ownbey's professionalism and expertise are unmatched. His training program provides everything I need to stay fit. I highly recommend his services.

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