Feel Better – Live Better

I know it’s confusing. How do you start up again?

personal training for men in dallas

If you are 40, 50, 60, or older listen up

The millennials are leaving us behind with their online programs, bodyweight exercises, and cross-fit.

We physically are not able to work out as we did in our 20s. And we exercise for different reasons now.

Where is the program for me, a person in his 40s, 50s,60s, or older?

Listen… I get it…  Once you hit 40, 50, and 60… it’s a different ballgame. 

We’re not in our 20’s anymore.  And we have to stay active to fight off sarcopenia, a loss of muscle tissue that usually occurs after 40 years old.

In fact.  A lot of the men and women I work with the look and feel better now than they ever have in their entire life! 


There’s a reason you don’t’ want to go to just any trainer if you’re over 40, overweight, and looking to get in shape.  Most trainers put you on the same workout routine regardless of your age and ability. 

Doesn’t matter if you’re young, old, male, female… They have an the shelf solution, and that’s what you’ll get.  And to be fair, most of them aren’t doing this on purpose.  They just don’t know any better.

I saw this was a problem, so I created a fitness routine called 5-20-5. (It only takes 30 minutes a day!)

It’s specifically tailored for men and women 40 years old and older. This program is a 16-week plan that proves it’s possible to get in great shape at any age.

I have designed this system of workouts called HICT to ensure you hit every muscle, while our occasional isolation movements will help you get results without injury.  

If you are a man or woman 40 and older who are looking to get back in shape or just to try something new.

I would like to connect with you to answer any questions you may have.
Talk soon,