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Personal Fitness Trainer for men and women 40 and over in North Dallas

We do not work out in our 40’s and 50’s like we did in our 20’s. Let me show you how. Watch Video

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Personal Fitness Trainer for Men and Women 40 and over in North Dallas

Looking for a personal fitness trainer who specializes in age-specific workouts for men and women?

The information out there written on diet and exercise is geared toward the younger generation. Following this advice can lead to frustration, confusion, and possible injury. 

We specialize in fitness for men and women 40 and over. We do not leave the ground doing box jumps or burpees. It’s not about vanity but longevity. It’s about moving better, feeling better and living better. 

We design each program for the clients, needs, wants, and goals.

We are a private studio with zero distractions located in Carrollton, and serve North Dallas and Plano.

The best thing is you’re IN and OUT in 30 minutes.

Goals of Fitness and Exercises for  Men And Women 40 and Over

Fitness Is A Formula And Our Program Provides All 3

Have a question about training?

Personal Fitness Training for men and women 40 and over.

Our Story

My name is Chris Ownbey. I have been a personal trainer in Dallas for over 30 years. A man in my 50’s. I have learned you do not want to go to just any trainer if you are 40 or older and looking back to being healthy and fit.

Most trainers put you on the same workout routine regardless of your age and ability.

If they train in CrossFit, they will train you in CrossFit. If they are as a bodybuilder, they will train you like a bodybuilder.

They will train you like they train.

It does not matter if you are young, old, male, female.

They have them off-the-shelf solution, and that is what you will get. And to be fair, most of them are not doing this on purpose. They do not know better.

I saw this a problem, so I created a fitness routine for men and women 40 and over called 5-20-5. It’s a 30-minute fitness program in a private studio for men and women 40 and older.


Personal training for men and women 40 and older in Carrollton Tx

Private Studio

Forget the crowded gyms. I have a private fitness studio specifically for personal training in Dallas with zero distractions.

30 Minute Workout

Get In, Get Fit, Go Play! Our 5-20-5 program starts with a 5-minute warm-up. Next, we move into a custom-tailored, 20 -minute workout designed to increase your strength, flexibility, and cardio. We finish with a 5- minute stretching/ cool-down session.


My role is to provide a step-by-step plan for your objective. I will provide the accountability, the guidance, the inspiration and encouragement, and expertise, all you need to do is take action.

Personal Training in Carrollton Tx and North Dallas for
Men and Women 40 and Over.


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Personal Trainer for men and women in Carrollton
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Personal Training in Carrollton TX

Personal training in Carrollton Tx. Offers personal training in Carrollton for men and women 40 and older.