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Personal training for men and women 40 and over in a private studio with proven 30 minute workouts serving Carrollton Tx, Plano Tx, Dallas Tx, Frisco Tx.

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Personal Trainer For Men & Women over 40 in Dallas Tx

We offer personal training for Men and Women 40 and over in a private studio with proven 30 minute workouts serving Dallas Tx

Fitness for a Healthier Future


I’m Chris Ownbey, a personal trainer with over 30 years of experience. Now in my 50s, I’m dedicated to helping men and women 40 and older live longer, happier, and healthier lives.

Staying fit over 40 has its challenges, like slower metabolism and higher injury risk, but the benefits—strength, flexibility, balance and more energy—are worth it. My 30- Minute age-appropriate program avoids risky moves like box jumps and burpees. It’s not about vanity but longevity.

I offer 30-minute workouts in a private studio serving Carrollton, Dallas, and Plano.

If you’re looking for tailored workouts for those 40 and over, or looking try something new.
Give me a call.

Chris Ownbey,

Certified Personal Trainer

People Choose Fit Over 40

Workouts for Men and Women Ages 40 and Over

Private Studio with Zero Distractions in North Dallas

Proven 30-Minute Workouts

Accountability and Motivation

30 Years Experience in the golf and fitness industry

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Asked Questions

Chris has been a personal trainer in Dallas for over 30 years. He specializes in workouts for men and women 40 years of age and older.
We understand as we get older we exercise for different reasons. It’s not about the big pretty vanity muscles, it’s about longevity, better health, move better, and getting the spring back in your step to have significance the last 1/3 of your life.

It’s in a private one-on-one personal training studio located in North Dallas. It’s a proprietary program called system 5-20-5. Our program begins with a 5-minute warm-up, then a 20-minute full-body workout, and we end with a 5-minute cool-down stretch.
We do not leave the ground or do anything that can be harmful on the joints. Safety is of our highest priority.

Yes. We work with pre-diabetic, and type two diabetes, or any specific your goal you have. We have the experience to help.

Looking to get back in shape, or try something new? Let’s meet for 30 minutes. Take this time to interview me, and ask questions.
Then we go through a quick 30-minute workout. If you like what I do, then we develop a plan and move forward from there.

Our Clients Say

I need to work out to feel good and keep up with my busy schedule. This is the best workout for maximum calorie burning and muscle toning in 30 minutes 3 times a week.
Luane McCartan
Chris has made a BIG difference for me. I get compliments that I look fit and don't age. I don't have back pain anymore and rarely get sick We have fun...and yes, I have more energy throughout my golf round and play pain-free.
Dave Scullen
Maridoe Golf Club
If it weren’t for your 30-minute workout. I wouldn’t have been able to sustain the level of exercise I was accustomed to with a busy career.
Georgia Neame

Happy Clients


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